Faith has been a consistent voice for conservative values in Maryland. She has fought for individual freedoms, business-friendly legislation, fiscal responsibility, and secure borders.
The Values We Grew Up With
Personal responsibility. Hard work. Providing for our families. These are the values we grew up with, and the values that Faith wants to bring to the House of Representatives. This means making sure that those who work hard to contribute to American society are rewarded for that work. It means recognizing that individual freedoms can and will do more good for America than all the tax hikes in the world ever can. A vote for Faith is a vote for what our Founding Fathers wanted: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Since Biden has taken office, it is becoming too expensive to drive to the grocery store or even to church. But when you get there, the cost of just a gallon of milk has increased by 38%. I will make sure we have candidates that will stand against this robbery. We need Trump-minded that are willing to stand firm against inflation.
Faith considers not only job creation, but career creation a top priority. Spending taxpayer dollars on infrastructure is fine; however, it cannot be our primary means of job creation as these jobs are temporary. Faith believes the best way to go about this is to introduce and pass business-friendly legislation that will keep jobs from going overseas.
Parents need to have more say in the direction of their children’s education. The “woke” liberals’ desire to push an agenda would adopt books, materials and programs that would harm the greatest resource our State produces, our Children. I will support candidates that fight against efforts to institute any racist ideology, such as Critical Race Theory, in our classrooms and into the minds of our children.
Taxes and Spending
Most of us learned about the value of money as small children. We learned we couldn’t buy a two-dollar ice cream bar if we only had one dollar. We also weren’t allowed to take money from other people every time we wanted a new toy. As we grew up, we learned to clip coupons, shop clearance racks, and make our dollars stretch as far as they could go. Faith sees no reason why we can’t apply this to our laws: Be responsible with money, don’t buy what we can’t afford, and respect that Americans have the right to keep as much of their hard-earned paychecks as possible. Our policymakers should employ the same strategies that Americans would use at home when faced with similar issues.
While legal immigration is one of the things that made our nation great, Faith strongly believes in protecting our borders and national security. Illegal immigration takes jobs away from people who are here legally. Granting citizenship to illegal immigrants encourages people to break the rules and is unfair and insulting to all the immigrants who followed the rules.